Since 2010, the T-Rex organization has developed hundreds of promising young players into well-rounded athletes through the instruction of fundamentals beginning at an early age.

Our Mission

To provide players with the tools necessary to reach their full potential as they become strong athletes, great teammates, and respectful young men. 

Our coaching philosophy

To prevent burnout and provide ample opportunities for player development, we believe in putting a greater emphasis on practice rather than frequent tournament play for younger divisions. We believe in fostering a child's love of the game, and prefer to focus on player growth and continued development with practices in between tournaments. As players advance into high school baseball, the T-Rex program increases in intensity with the incorporation of weight training and agility work specific to their sport.

The T-Rex philosophy has proven to be successful for players who look to play collegiate or professional baseball. Through selective tournament play, our coaching staff has the experience and acumen to give players the proper exposure at the right venues that will maximize a young man's potential to play at the next level.

Being a part of the T-Rex organization has not only dramatically impacted our son’s baseball skills, but his overall respect for the game.
— Adam Merkley, 9U Parent

our college commits

  • Mitch Allen (2016), San Diego State
  • Zane Strand (2016), Arizona State
  • Connor McCord (2016), Western Oregon
  • Jacob Gonzalez (2017), Texas Christian University
  • Jake Holmes (2017), Arizona State University
  • Nick Brueser (2017), Stanford University
  • Matt Schroer (2017), Louisiana Sate University
  • Quinn Flanagan (2017), University of Arizona
  • Boyd Vander Kooi (2017), Arizona State University
  • Blake Paugh (2017), University of Arizona
  • Drew Swift (2017), Arizona State University
  • Trevor Hauver (2017), Arizona State University
  • KC McCormick (2017), United States Air Force Academy
  • Ben Kirke (2017), Grand Canyon University
  • Scott Mehan (2017), Arizona State University
  • Logan White (2017), Arizona State University
  • CJ Schauwecker (2018), Grand Canyon University
  • Ben Nemivant (2018), Pacific University
  • Jonathan Ornealas (2018), University of Tennessee
  • Cole Yocum (2018), Utah Valley University
  • Hayden Baker (2018), Pacific University
  • Sasha Snedier (2018), Arizona State University
  • Isaiah Montoya (2018), UNLV
  • Jack Silverman (2018), Yavapai 
  • Ethan Long (2018), University of Arizona
  • Jonny Weaver (2018), Grand Canyon University
  • Britton Graham (2018), New Mexico State University
  • Tyler Woessner (2018), Arizona State University
  • Leo Palacios (2018), Grand Canyon University
  • Bobby Meza (2018), Yavapai
  • Jake Jarvis (2018), Grand Canyon University
  • Davis Brennen (2018), University of Miami
  • Seth Beckstead (2018), Grand Canyon University
  • Colton Cassmelli (2018), University of Washington
  • Chandler Murphy (2019), University of Arizona